How to Make a Professional Website

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Technology has made complex tasks simple and with the evolution of page builders building your own website has become as simple as writing an email.
Its no longer about putting one’s business information online but making use of the technology to do business online. It has become a lot easier to promote a brand and even generate revenue online.

Here’s a complete guide to help you build a website, get the right domain name, putting the right content and building a community for your brand.

Understand your need

Before starting off, be clear about the purpose of having a website. A website can mean

An Online Store
A Business profile
A Products Catalogue
A Blog to share your knowledge and experiences
An Event’s website for a conference, wedding or birthday

Your website should have a clear focus as what it is about for both for visitors as well as search engines like Google and Bing etc.

Get the right domain name

One of the most important aspects of making a website is getting the right domain name. Domain name is your website’s address, what a visitor types on their browser address bar to reach your website. You should try and get a domain which isn’t too difficult to spell. It should be easy to remember and if possible a short name. Avoid numbers and special characters in the domain name. Your domain name should incorporate your brand’s name so that people can easily identify it. Sometimes it makes sense to have domain names containing your products or services name which helps in SEO.

Choose a website builder

There are lots of website builders available using which you can build your website. Webyts offer you beautiful stunning websites at extremely competitive pricing. Unlike other web builders, Webyts acutally builds the entire website for you as per the design template choosen by you. We believe that not everybody knows about the aesthetics of a website. Not everyone has the time to understand each widget or how to use the page builder hence Webyts completely sets it up for you with your content. Not just that Webyts also links your website with your own personalized domain name. Once the website is delivered (in record speed) you get an easy backend system with a super easy page builder so that you can edit the website whenever you want.

You don’t have to worry about mobile compatibility as all Webyts website are compatible to all devices.

Organize your content

Statistics prove that most user spend maximum time on a website’s homepage that is why it is important that you put your crucial content on your homepage. It should speak loudly what your website is about. One must maintain moderation in the content as too much content will lead to slower page load and chances are site visitors will leave your page.

It is also important that your content be as original as possible otherwise it will be considered as duplicate content and your website will suffer in search page ranking.

Webyts websites come with royalty free images and videos from Pexels. You can select images and videos and add them directly on your website.

You should definitely try to add your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) with phones numbers and contact details for your customers to reach you.


Making a website is one thing but getting visitors on your website is another. You can make your website a success by ensuring that your pages get picked up by search engines. But how do you ensure that? Here comes in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a science to optimize a website to make it easier for search engines like Google to index a website and show in top search results. Search Engines need good quality content so that’s what we do in SEO.

SEO requires a lot of time, patience and persistence to give you the desired results. Google relies upon many factors to build up its algorithms to rank websites. Some of which include page speed, content quality, your industry’s competitiveness or number of backlinks (other websites linking to your website) etc.

These steps can increase your website’s chances for a better ranking:

Identify your keywords: Ask yourself what a potential visitor for your website may search for on Google. Once you have identified a couple of such keywords try to add them in your content, page title and description.

Alt text: Google bots cannot read your images and other media files hence its a good idea to add alt text or description to those media so that bots understand what the media is about.

You can avail the Webyts SEO service to get an extra help in your SEO.

Lastly adding a Google analytic code will help you track visitors, demographics and various other information which you can use to further improve your website.

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