How to write an ‘About Us’ page

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Most people struggle to write an About us page. Often this page remain ignored but without a well crafted ‘About us’ page you miss the opportunity to introduce the face behind your brand to your customers. Here we discuss about tips on writing an About us page.

What is an About us page?
About us page is a that part of your website where you can talk as much as you want about your company. By ‘as much as you want’ we don’t mean write a novel but write enough to ensure that the visitor understands your business and can trust you. This is the page where you can discuss business details, history, achievements, team and more.

Customers want to know about the company before they do business with it that is why it becomes important to write an About us page. In fact there should be information about your business and what you do, on the home page itself. But for the homepage, the primary goal is to entice visitors to explore other areas of your website and converting into sales.

Luckily there is no such limit on an About us page. You should give all information possible to help your customers better undersand your business and what it stands for.

01. Collect all information about the business

Before you start it would be a good idea to note down all information to help you write more authoritatively. Even if you are the business owner it happens many a times that one overlooks certain information in our daily operations hence it would be good idea to grasp all information before beginning. You know you are ready to start writing the About us page when you have answers to the following:

1)What does the business do?
2)How you got the idea to start the business?
3)Who are the key people of the business?
4)What are your business goals and missions?
5)Who are your clients and what are their reviews?

02. Define your brand identity

Once you have all the information gathered it would be wise to emphasize on your core business objectives so that a visitor who visits the page gets a good knowledge of your business objectives , what you do and what your business stand for. With too much data, the core business objectives and values can get diluted, thus the concept of prioritising information come into play.

For example if your business manufactures some products with great quality and durability , it would be a good idea to emphasise on ‘Quality and Durable products’.

03. Structure with essential parts

Next we will discuss about how to put all the data together and the common sections that the About Us page should include.

Intro: Almost all about us pages start of with a small introduction about the company

Company details: After the introduction you start writing about your company’s history, founder, products and services

Mission and Goal: This is the section where you would want to talk about your missions and goals

Team Members: Your customers deal with people so they want to know more about the people on your team. It is a great idea to write about people on your core team. You should try to include an image of each member on your team with a brief intro about them. You can also include social media links.

Certification: You should definitely include all certificates or specializations your business has.

Past Projects/Reviews: There can be no better way to win your customer’s trust than giving references to past projects, clients and positive reviews your business has received.

It would also be a good idea to include images of your work place or your team having a time together as this further introduces your business to the customer and builds trust.

We have mentioned the About us page structure but it is not necessary that all businesses follow the same structure. You would need to consider what your visitors find relevant and accordingly present information as per context.

By the end of your About Us page, visitors should have a better idea of whether they want to become a customer or not. Usually, that means it’s an excellent idea to include a Call to Action Button at the end of the page, but that decision is up to you.

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