Social Media: The New Customer Service Channel

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Developing and managing an efficient and effective customer support system is a
very important aspect in the growth as well as promotion of any business- big or
small. Trending today, the customers prefer to check the social media – the
reviews, comments and answers to any queries they make regarding a brand.
They prefer the social media than the usual calling to get their problems resolved.

There are a few steps that can be taken to stand out among the competitors :
  • Paying attention to customer reviews, comments etc on social apps like Twitter. It will be of immense use to understand how the customer thinks and that will be a step towards a positive change. This will also require a teamwork in a larger organization where different teams are assigned on different aspects of brand promotion and customer relations.
  • Making customers feel heard and attended to . This goes a long way in brand promotion and increase in businesses, once a customer feels they have been responded well. Sometimes a respond could just be an emoji but it will make a difference. Every review good or bad is an opportunity to get a customer we might be loosing or to win one. Just like in a conversation responses are always required.
  • Be quick to respond as much as possible to good or bad comments by the customers. It might be a solution to a problem or a thank you for a praise. Businesses which have an active social media customer service climb higher in the business ladder.
  • Always remember to give a polite and pleasant response to even a bad feedback because your responses are not just seen by that particular customer but by any one who is checking out the reviews, comments etc. Some ways in which you can respond –

Use the customer’s name.
Thank the customer for reaching out
Pick out customers details like mobile number and address them directly
Apologize if necessary and enquire further

Be yourself at the same time keep it short and sweet. Keeping such customer relations on the social media will make your customer coming back to you and help to win the ones you could be losing.

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