How to Brand Your Website for Free

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Your website is more than just a place to sell your product. It’s an introduction to your prospective customers. A place to express your unique brand voice. The impression your website gives is what encourages visitors to either look somewhere else, or spend more time browsing.

The truth is, web design and branding directly affect the impression you give. And a good impression means a good chance of conversion. Meaning, if you want to see that money, your site should be looking top-notch! 

If you’re worried about the price tag that comes with a beautifully branded website, you should know you have options. With the amount of free resources online, it’s easy to get your website looking amazing without spending a dime. Let’s take a glimpse!

Logo Design

Your logo is one of the main components in branding your business. It will be used on your website as well as other platforms. Careful consideration should be taken in what you want your logo to say about your brand. 

First, think about the symbolism it holds. When you visualize your brand or product, what image comes to mind? Try browsing through a library of free icons, like the one at flaticon.com. Once you find a perfect fit for your brand, download it for use in your logo design. 

Next, head to logocreator.io for a free design tool. You can upload your new icon here and use the design features to customize your logo to your liking. The great thing about this tool, is that it’s completely straight-forward. No sign in, no costs, and your logo is hot off the press within minutes! 

Branded Color Palette

When you’re branding your business it can be hard to figure out which colors pair together well. Especially if you’re like most people- you’re not a color theory expert. And since color is tied so closely to feeling and emotion, it’s important to get this right. 

Maybe you lack a creative eye. Or maybe you just want to experiment with different color pairings before you apply them to your website. Either way, Coolors has got you covered! It’s loaded with aesthetically paired palettes and also gives you the option of creating your own. 

Once you’ve settled on colors that compliment your brand, download the hex numbers. You can use your new color palette on your website as well as other promotional materials to keep your brand image consistent. 

Quality Images

If you want to engage your site’s visitors, it’s important to have eye-catching imagery. Imagery helps to break up the written content and put a picture to your words. Not only this, but photos and images are also main contributors to expressing your brand’s unique voice. 

Use your own high quality photos when you can. If you don’t have your own, get them for free from Pixabay. This resource boasts a giant library of both illustrated and photographed images. Plus, you won’t have to worry about copyright law. All of the photos are royalty free and available to use commercially. 


Choosing the right font for branding your website might seem like it’s not so important. But in reality, even the little details play a major role. Your fonts should be cohesive with the rest of your branding material. Meaning, it blends well with your colors, in your logo, and throughout your website. 

Where many business owners go wrong is they use too many, clashing fonts on their website. It’s suggested to stick with less than three different fonts. For font pairing suggestions, check out the Font Combination Library. This tool makes it easy to view different fonts side by side, so you can choose what works best for your website.

Author- Sophie Dupont

All websites made using Webyts make it easier for you to brand your website. It is very easy to upload a logo with just a few clicks on your Webyts website. You can easily create your own color scheme for the website and there is complete stock of fonts from Google to get the perfect typo that you want for your website. There is a pixabay integration built right into our website editing console, just search and then click to download any picture into your website.

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